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  • Bots N' Lasers

    Build up to 5 spezialized robots to solve 45 logic puzzles.

    Features: * 45 Levels and 10 Bonus levels * Original, dynamic soundtrack * Sync the game progress between devices with Google Play * Free game, pay what you want * No ads


    She runs, she jumps, she flies, and she dies a lot. But finally, she parties!

    Help Filomena the ostrich find her way to the party! Test your reaction and memory, and try to beat your friends on Facebook, Game Center, and Google Play leaderboards.

    Enjoy hand drawn graphics by Alexandre Madureira and an awesome original soundtrack by Davide Caravella.


    Help Bob defend his giant pile of money from the angry "Indignados". Do what he always does when he has a problem: Throw money at it!

    The campaign will take you from Athens to New York in 84 challenging Levels. Upgrade your tools for your fight against the angry mob in the boardroom, and optimze your money flow.

    Compete with your fellow banksters on a cross-platform leaderboard and try to reach the 1%.


    The Imaginary Museum is a series of 10 paintings by the Portuguese artist Alexandre Madureira, done in acrylic on canvas. They are mashups of Fine Art and Pop-Culture, and are a tribute to geniuses he loves and admires.

    His work juxtaposes iconic images from both highbrow and lowbrow culture, recreating memorable masterpieces of Western art and pop culture references, where for example George Lucas’ Storm troopers live in harmony with Picasso and Botticelli images.

    Explore the art behind his art, and, of course, play with it!


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